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Ever get this feeling when you’re trying to draw something awesome.
And it never comes to you. Yep got that feeling this morning.
Doodle of a fish. Done in photoshop
Something I’m working on.
Sketch of two lovers. Been a while since I’ve done this topic
An updated version of elsa. Just made some small details.
"Let it go"
Another Elsa fan art. =)
Decided to do another Elsa fanart. 

A few images from megacon. I was wonder woman and got to meet Skottie Young =)

Bolin and Mako are done! =D

Done with Bolin. It’s Mako time! 
Finished versions of both of them will be posted soon. =)
Stuff I’m working on…
Among some of the projects I’m working on, here’s one wip. Bolin style!