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Quick korra sketches before work.
Couldn’t help myself lol
Lin and Su needs some “Ohana”

A couple of sketches.

Working on an oil commission while Tony stalks me.
Probly my new favorite couple. They are just so cute! Sketch of Jinora and Kai from Legend of korra.
So I just watched the season premier episodes of Legend of Korra and I’m so damn excited for this season. The image is how I feel right now. The new air benders, the bad ass villans, Zuko! and the nasty earth queen! This season will be packed with great new plots and characters. And new fanart from me ^^I’M FREAKING OUT!! How excited are you?
(Photo not owned by me)

Warm up sketches.

Mercreature sketch
Crow God. Something I did for a warm up.
Age Difference
Poor Jack will forever be at his age and Hiccup will continue to grow into the hottie - I mean, chief he was meant to be XD I still love Jack but damn, Hiccup just stole my heart in HTTYD 2. Who’s your favorite? ^^

Sketches before work

Move over Jack Frost. A new hotty is in town. 
Quick sketch for the new movie! =D